You are looking at the result of 42 months of Design and Development and a cost of $422,000

The above pic is our Phase II Prototype Belt-Driven BMX Bike... our endeavor to bring a Super-Strong Timing-belt type Drive System to the world of BMX. (Well... to the pedal-bike industry in toto)

The above Prototype of our Phase II project... was built by LSSU's Product Development Center.


Our patent pending belt drive system will certainly set new standards at the BMX Racing levels. 


Now... as Phase II of this venture begins... bringing our own branded BMX (and street) Belt-driven bike to the BMX Industry... (and again... street riders too) we seek additional funding to complete this project. 


In an effort to "Kick-start" our Phase II venture, we are offering Participating Preferred Stock; in 3 year and 5 year maturities. Minimum purchase is 50,000 shares at par value of $12.00 USD. ($600,000) 

Only 100,000 shares of PPS has been authorized.

3 year maturity offers 280% (plus) return on investment. (ROI)

5 year maturity offers 510% (plus) return on investment. (ROI)


This is NOT a public offering... it is intended for those connected with Power Torque, Inc. ONLY.


We welcome you to read and digest the Introduction and Executive Summary for our Phase II venture.

Both are attached below in .pdf format.


Interested parties please contact:

James (Jimmy) Orr

ES - Phase II.pdf ES - Phase II.pdf
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Section I_Intro.pdf Section I_Intro.pdf
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